The inside scoop on the Transparency and Consent Framework 2.2


WTF is TCF. |

The 'Transparency and Consent Framework' (TCF), managed by IAB Europe, ensures GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliance in digital advertising. This is used by website publishers, ad tech vendors, and advertisers.

TCF operates through Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) like OneTrust. These platforms, integrated into websites, enable visitors to easily manage their data preferences for third-party use.

At the core of TCF is the 'TC String,' a coded sequence from CMPs that conveys user data preferences, informing the entire ad tech ecosystem.


why is this important?|

IAB Europe have recently launched TCF 2.2, a new version that needs to be integrated into your CMP. 

If your OneTrust account is under the management of The Media People, rest assured that we've already taken care of updating the TC String, requiring no action from your end. However, if your CMP is not managed by us, you’ll need to ensure that your CMP manager has completed the update to TCF 2.2.


main upgrades from 2.0 to 2.2.|

IAB Europe have been working with the Court of Justice (CJEU) to improve the framework.

This version removes the 'legitimate interest' basis for ads and content personalisation, enhances user information clarity, requires vendors to disclose more about their data processing, and sets specific requirements for consent withdrawal.

It aims to make consent more transparent and user-friendly.

For more information, you can visit the IAB Europe website here: