Our People

Our people are highly skilled, ready to take the initiative, and enjoy successful collaborations both with clients and within partnerships.

Here are our

Driving tangible results
for your brand.

People are at the heart of what we do, whether that’s target audiences or our clients – or our own team. Our long-standing, ‘priceless’ relationships and partnerships with our clients and suppliers add unique value to our offering.

We invest in our business through our team’s professional development. Our training and career progression paths give our people the best possible chance to become the very best version of themselves. And we hire people with the enthusiasm to push themselves to achieve it. We’re very proud of our brilliant team of individuals – find out a little more about them here.
Steve Husband


Don’t expect to get the answer you want – Steve will look at your project and have an alternative way of approaching the solution. His client experience gives him an insight that other agencies won’t have and links the expertise of The Media People with your business needs.

“Our vision is simple – It’s all about working with bright people that you respect and producing work that you would be proud of…”

Teleri Williams


Teleri has been with us since 2019 and has grown alongside the business. She has 10-plus years of experience in media, working on UK and global accounts such as eBay, Allianz, American Eagle and Carpetright. Stepping into her new role as Managing Director, Teleri will use her strategic planning skills to drive incremental growth by nurturing current UK business and ensuring The Media People provides its clients with the highest level of service. “Teleri is passionate about people and ensuring strong working relationships. Her management style plays into individuals’ strengths making them feel empowered to produce work clients are proud of”.

Stel Tzirki


Driven by client success and thrives on client challenges, you want Stel on your team because he gives you 100% energy and loves adding value. With over 15 years experience of finding media solutions and producing creative ideas, he has a great way of making the impossible happen and the complicated appear simple.

“The media business is his passion, he loves a list and loves a train journey more…”

Kris Babb


Kris has experience of working across a number of agencies and applies his diligence to making sure our day to day runs smoothly. Kris’ analytical approach sets high standards and he manages much of our financial delivery. Kris has a keen interest in swinging… a golf club at the weekend and is active in many other sports including running.

Lenia Michael


With a wealth of expertise, Lenia excels in forging connections between Client Brands and Traditional Media Channels. Her exceptional grasp of leveraging media editorial, content, and partnerships is matched only by her insight into guiding client brands to captivate their audiences with relevant and engaging content.

During her time at the Express, Lenia led the launch of new products across various titles, refining her understanding of the synergy between commercial relationships and editorial content. Travel editorial and consumer interest across digital and analogue channels is ever buoyant, and Lenia is immersed in finding new ways of connecting with audiences through deep-rooted media relationships.

“The value placed on Lenia’s client relationships go beyond the space value from advertising, she can get your brand into media space that others haven’t even considered”.

Amy Beeken


Provides clarity from which to form understanding and insight, response, measurement, trending analysis, are all Amy’s friends. Amy loves digital media and finding better ways to introduce new media channels into traditional media campaigns and how they work.

“Her passion is caught between the Great British Bake-off and Attribution Modelling – fascinating to go for a drink with…”

Virginia Keltz


Virginia has worked with the core team at The Media People in many guises over the past 10 years. Every team needs a Virginia, when someone says that they love their job, she takes this to another level with bundles of enthusiasm and passion. Virg is a real pleasure to have in our team and adds a calming influence to our daily madness.

Enza Capodici


Clients love her passion and media owners respect her style. Enza provides The Media People with insight into trading and media placement, there is no one more excited about saving budget, extra value or things that are free of charge. “Enza has defined the skill of buying media and singing along to “Kisstory” at the same time – she really “smashes it…”

Bev Mail


Our international contingent (and not just because she loves a holiday..) Bev’s experience working on global brands of all shapes and sizes spans every marketing discipline, giving her the ability to understand not only our clients’ media strategy but their broader business challenges, and advise them accordingly.

She is known for bringing order amongst chaos with her organisational skills. Her ability to manage complex networks of clients, partners and specialist teams stands her in good stead to tackle any international challenge, on any time zone.

Miranda Howlett


Miranda is one of our originals, she joined the team in 2016 and has played an instrumental role in the growth of The Media People over the last 7 years. Her knowledge of The Media People’s core values is second to none and she ensures they’re embedded into the wider team as it continues to grow. Alongside pitching for new business, Miranda oversees all clients that sit within the team as well as managing her own long-standing client relationships.

“Miranda is all about the people, whether they’re her clients or colleagues. She coaches those around her to deliver complex, high-quality work for clients and thrives off the result”.

Izi Singleton


Izi joined The Media People in 2023 to head up our content team. She brings with her 12 years of experience gained from a variety of sectors, from luxury hospitality and FMCG to property and fintech. Izi sees angles other writers and strategists miss and through her unique storytelling, our clients will be better equipped to gain audience buy-in. She truly believes in the power of story and connecting with people is what drives her, both professionally and personally.

“If as the adage goes, ‘people buy from people’, whatever Izi is selling, I am buying in droves”.