Embracing the power & importance of artificial intelligence: The Media People launch first instalment of AI framework.

AI is revolutionising business operations, and The Media People are keen to support its clients through this ever-changing market. Over the last 6 months we have been developing a comprehensive framework to help our clients embrace AI and stay at the forefront of these technological advancements. In June 2023 we shared the first instalment of this framework at an exclusive event, we have shared the key takeaways below.

Embracing the Presence of AI.|

The event’s central message was clear: AI is already operating all around us, and it’s time to embrace its potential. Rather than fearing the technology, we should recognize it as a catalyst for growth and innovation. By understanding AI’s capabilities and harnessing its power, we can gain a competitive edge in the market. AI’s importance is continuing to grow and there is nothing on the horizon that suggests this will slow down anytime soon.

AI + Human Touch: The Sweet Spot:|

While AI presents incredible opportunities, it is crucial to remember that the human touch remains invaluable. AI should not replace human involvement but rather complement and amplify it. The sweet spot lies in leveraging AI’s capabilities to enhance human decision making, creativity, and problem solving. Essentially, AI and humans must learn to coexist.

Navigating the Content Tsunami:|

In today’s digital landscape, a tsunami of content is on the horizon. However, it was stressed that quantity alone does not guarantee success. The focus should be on quality and relevance – AI text generators can assist in this endeavour by aiding in content strategy and creation. By leveraging AI-driven tools and insights such as Chat GPT, businesses can prioritise their customers’ needs, stand out in a crowded market, and create compelling AI content that resonates with their target audience.

AI Admin Tools: Streamlining Operations:|

Our Data and Insights Team shared the ways AI can enhance various aspects of business operations, including administrative tasks. For instance, tools like Fireflies can automate meeting notes and transcriptions. This alleviates the burden of administrative work, allowing us to focus more on critical activities such as strategy development and business planning. We’re learning that by embracing AI admin tools, we can unlock greater efficiency and productivity within our internal teams.

Going forward…|

As the age of AI unfolds, it is essential for organisations to utilise AI in business by being brave and take the first steps. By starting small, identifying areas where AI can enhance operations, and gradually expanding its implementation, businesses can slowly start to reap AI’s benefits.

The Media People will be delivering more sessions in the autumn, delving even deeper into the potential of AI and its impact on business operations and marketing. We would like this framework to act as a guiding light, empowering businesses to embark on their AI journey confidently.