There are still plenty of fish in the sea

Whilst some channels have experienced an expected drop in reach figures, others have thrived and The Media People are busy adapting our media schedules to reflect this by adding new opportunities and some more traditional channels are even making a come back.

During these unprecedented times, our usual behavior, locations and therefore media consumption has changed. Potential property buyers still exist, we just need to adapt our targeting to reach them in these more concentrated environments: their homes.

Across our unique SpotLight audiences, we have seen the largest and most engaged social reach on record during the initial few weeks of lock-down as users raced to their social feeds for the most up-to-date news.

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With these larger audiences and less demand from advertisers, Property Developers & Housing Associations are, again, enjoying lower cost per clicks. In April ’20 clicks were half the price of November ’19.

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The radio landscape has also seen a big shift in audiences in Q1 this year. In general, it enjoyed larger audiences with Heart and LBC seeing the largest increase whilst other stations saw listening numbers fall.

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