Shared Ownership Week is in the News!

Want to start your weekend with some good news? Shared Ownership Week’s survey about first-time buying has made it into the papers! With coverage in The Daily Star, Daily Mirror, The Express, and The Sun, it is great to see our work from our Shared Ownership Week brand being given the spotlight it deserves! 

We polled 2000 18–29-year-olds about their thoughts on first-time buying and Shared Ownership, with a breakdown by age, gender and region. Though it showed that most under 30s had saved around £10,000 for a deposit, it also shed light on the reality of surging house prices in the UK. 

That’s where Shared Ownership Week comes in. Miraculously, only 4 in 10 of the respondents had even heard of Shared Ownership, which allows first-time buyers to buy a share of their home while renting the remainder.  

Running from the 23rd of September, the papers described this special week as a place to learn advice on how to make the scheme work for your needs and pick up some budget interior design tips on the side. In other words, it’s a home-buying paradise for anyone looking to save some cash! 

With some of the leading tabloids already talking up Shared Ownership Week, it’s clear that this isn’t an event to be missed. You can hear more about the results of our survey on the Shared Ownership Week website, in The Daily Mirror, Daily Star and The Sun, or at your nearest newsagents! 

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