How we can help prepare you for a cookie-less Future

With ePrivacy legislations continuing to gather pace, the demise of the third-party cookie is not a question of if but when. Though third-party cookies have been used on ad strategies in the past, their relevance has diminished with the introduction of privacy laws, and poor match rates with consumers. Soon, advertisers must seek alternative ways to deliver results while maintaining the privacy of their users.  

Last year, in pursuit of greater internet security, Google withdrew its support for third-party cookies that were not protected using the internet standard Samesite. As browsers like Safari and Firefox have effectively closed their doors to third-party cookies, the drive continues towards advertising that reaches a relevant audience in a more secure environment. So what does this mean for you? A lack of clarity when analysing performance across all channels and browsers you advertise on.  

In one sense, it is very much business as usual for the way we conduct our digital advertising. We have already updated our platform to reflect the Samesite Google update, setting Samesite = none for all third party pixels and consent solutions that we publish. This means that any third-party cookies not marked ‘secure’ are rejected. We will continue to work closely with our key partners Google and Facebook and will update you when we have more updates on their solutions. 

On the other hand, we have taken huge strides to adapt our display advertising to the changing digital climate. We have a unique solution that can offer you a permitted and more effective alternative to the third-party cookie. Creating a unique identifier for every visitor to your site, it enables you to accurately track your users across multiple devices. This works alongside a consent management platform that links consent to user tracking, while complying with GDPR and ePR. 

With use of these tools, our agency is ahead of the curve in maximising user consent for your display advertising. We can strengthen the confidence your customers have in your brand, giving them full visibility of their privacy policy, as well as insights into how their data is used. While third-party cookies achieved a maximum 70% match rate, we can ensure your display campaign reaches a more valuable audience that 100% matches your criteria. The future of cookies may be uncertain, but we are best placed to help your display advertising navigate a world without cookies.