Peabody’s integrated campaign breathes life into regeneration project and sells City living dream to core target

The brief

To launch and market Peabody’s flagship, mixed-tenure regeneration project, located in the heart of Bow, London E3.

Peabody’s primary objective: to provide affordable homeownership options that help as many first-time buyers as possible.


The Solution.

Audience mapping is route to success

The first step was to find out who the audience was, understand them, their lifestyle and habits, then find them.

Using our bespoke audience-mapping software, SpotLight, the findings from the first phase showed that core audience groups included: East End Cool, Canary Wharf & City Workers, and North-East Enders.

Using these results, an integrated campaign was meticulously planned to maximise the effectiveness of the messaging at every touchpoint. The ‘Walk it, Work it, Live it’ campaign, messaging and marketing collateral were continually reviewed and optimised, based on tangible data, to ensure the campaign continued to deliver.

The Results.

Bells ring out for campaign that exceeded objectives


of units sold prior to the projects completion




Cost per lead


“The Media People’s attention to detail on target audiences, planning and delivery across a range of media channels were a huge contributing factor to the success of this campaign.”

andrew peglau, Assistant Director - Marketing at Peabody