The Media People Celebrate Launch of Shared Ownership Council

The Media People are excited to announce its collaboration with the Shared Ownership Council (SOC), which launched this month. The SOC is a cross-industry body committed to delivering a gold standard Shared Ownership experience for customers. As an integral component of the SOC's board, The Media People are set to significantly influence the future landscape of shared ownership in the housing sector.

Our involvement is more than just supplying data; we’re the voice of first-time buyers, ensuring their perspectives are central to the shared ownership conversation. Our access to the consumer data in the shared ownership industry helps us to offer unmatched insights, guiding the SOC's objectives toward success.

“We feel incredibly privileged to be involved in this council, this demonstrates that we are more than just a just a traditional media agency and being chosen underpins our market leader status within social housing. We have shown long term commitment to the sector and our data work that we are doing is at the forefront of the decisions we are helping to make.”
- Steve Husband, Founder.

The Media People encourage industry stakeholders and consumers to engage with this initiative.

Visit the Shared Ownership Council Website here.