There are still plenty of fish in the sea

Whilst some channels have experienced an expected drop in reach figures, others have thrived and The Media People are busy adapting our media schedules to reflect this by adding new opportunities and some more traditional channels are even making a come back.

It’s time to stand out

Property Developers & Housing Associations who have continued the “always on” approach continue to perform well and generate leads but what is becoming more evident is the additional advantage of remaining active in a less competitive market.

Blue Shoots

Whilst the rest of the country are learning to interpret graphs & grasping “flattening the curve” type analogies, us marketeers are in very familiar territory.

The Media People Win Twice At The Drum OOH Awards

We’re ecstatic to announce that last week, The Drum recognised the innovative work of The Media People and our creative counterpart Collective London for our Avis campaign. They commended it so much, that we won two awards for Transport and Classic Posters & Banners for their OOH Awards!

Shared Ownership Week September 2018

“To be a young person and own your own home should be a dream that everyone has the right to fulfil.” Shared Ownership Week ambassador, Reggie Yates

Jake has joined the Search Advisory Committee @ IAB

“We meet on a regular basis to discuss the latest trends in search and discuss various research projects and initiatives the IAB is championing. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss new opportunities with other search experts and help steer the evolving industry. I found the discussions on digital innovation particularly interesting – it’s fast paced and there is a lot …