Move audiences to action: Introducing ‘Storytelling’ by The Media People.

In a world flooded with information and fleeting attention spans, The Media People have taken a bold step forward with a new service, 'Storytelling.' This new offering will blend the art of storytelling with effective content strategies, giving brands a chance to shine in an overcrowded digital landscape.

80% of consumers want brands to tell a story.​

Human brains are hardwired to respond to storytelling, and substance trumps quantity
every time.|

In an era dominated by metrics and numbers, The Media People have chosen to focus on a different path. With 'Storytelling,' the emphasis is on substance rather than repetition. We truly believe it's all about what you say, not how many times you say it. This is the essence of authenticity—captivating the audience through genuine, compelling stories that move audiences to action.


The heart of 'Storytelling' is its ability to forge connections and make a lasting impact. By weaving narratives that evoke emotions and offer value, The Media People are setting a new standard in brand communication. It's about more than just selling a product or service; it's about making people feel something.

63% of consumers are more likely
to remember a story than a list of facts.​

74% of consumers say that
brand stories influence their purchasing decisions.


'Forget what you’ve seen before. Forget what everyone else is doing.' This statement encapsulates The Media People's approach perfectly. 'Storytelling' goes beyond convention, challenging brands to think differently. Each story told under this service is original and compelling, designed to captivate, engage, and inspire action.

Our content framework


Through a comprehensive Discovery process, we employ various strategies such as Brand Watch Sentiment Audit, Competitor Landscape Research, Current Usage Audit, and Content Immersion Session to gain insights and understand the essence of your brand.


We craft a robust content strategy by developing key elements including content pillars, a key messaging matrix, as well as content guidelines and a briefing document, ensuring a solid foundation for your brand's storytelling and communication efforts.


We implement a comprehensive 3–6 month content plan, strategically mapping out your brand's storytelling journey. Through an agreed retainer, we execute this plan, ensuring consistent and high-quality content delivery that resonates with your audience.

Our new Storytelling service will champion the power of genuine stories, human connection, and meaningful impact. By intertwining effective content strategies with the art of storytelling, this service transcends boundaries and brings forth narratives that truly matter. To discuss further please contact your account director or drop us an email at