More than just keywords and backlinks: key learnings from our SEO workshop (March 2024). |

At The Media People, we view SEO as the core of website performance, not just a digital marketing discipline. In our SEO workshop on 10th March 2024, we examined the current SEO landscape, its future, and what makes our approach unique among digital agencies. Unlike other agencies that compartmentalise channels like PPC and SEO, effectively pitting them against each other, The Media People believe in a holistic approach. SEO isn’t just about keywords and backlinks; it’s about intertwining user experience (UX), content, paid media, and more to create a seamless online presence. We have listed below five key learnings from our workshop.
UX and SEO

It’s important to remember the significance of UX in SEO, focusing on factors like usability, conversion rates, and trust. Leveraging tools like heat mapping, we optimise not just for search engines but for the users who visit our clients’ websites. This not only supports SEO but all marketing channels driving traffic to the website, with unique and optimised content. Moreover, accessibility should be a core consideration of every website, ensuring that anyone regardless off impairments or limitations are still able to access the website information easily.

AI and SEO

In the realm of AI, we explored its role in SEO, from planning content structures to analysing data trends. However, we cautioned against over-reliance on AI to generate content, stressing the importance of human creativity and experience, emotion, and contextual understanding in content creation.

The importance of a strategic approach.
Every SEO strategy developed should consider the four pillars of SEO: Technical, Content, Offsite, and Onsite. This approach is crucial for website success. Each SEO strategy should be completely unique, identifying key areas for improvement that will tactically enhance the visibility and performance of the website, improve brand awareness, increase web traffic, build consumer understanding, and gain a high return on investment.
The Evolution of the Algorithm.
Google’s algorithm is always evolving and changing to better meet the needs of users, prioritise valuable and unique content and devalue spam sites. We’re now seeing AI play an increasingly significant role in shaping search engine algorithms. AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s becoming integral to how search engines rank websites and deliver results. We understand the importance of keeping up to date with emerging technologies and finding the best way to utilise them for the best results.
Common SEO Mistakes.
There are many common SEO mistakes, from blocked content and slow page speeds to neglecting accessibility and lacking migration strategies for new websites. During our workshop, we shared past strategies like keyword stuffing, emphasising the importance of evolving tactics to stay ahead in the ever-changing SEO landscape, and gravitating beyond these old-fashioned tactics.
The Media People: More Than SEO.
TWhat sets us apart is our ‘More Than’ approach to SEO. By integrating performance metrics, UX considerations, content strategy, and social engagement, we offer a comprehensive solution tailored to each client’s needs. Our ‘Total Search’ approach, powered by TMP Dynamo, seamlessly integrates SEO and PPC strategies, providing cost efficiencies and maximising results for our clients. Developed in house by our data team, the Total Search approach brings together a new way to effectively balance your visibility, ensuring you are not spending budget where another channel is already succeeding.


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