Intelligently Planned.

Multi-channel targeting

Listening, viewing, streaming, broadcast or on-demand: audiences are fickle and the breadth of targeting available can seem overwhelming. 

Our strategy for your TV & Radio campaigns will include the formats and devices that mimic your audience’s behaviour.


Digitally Integrated.

Maximising value

We integrate audience targeting across multi channels because analysing and understanding tv and radio audiences, and applying the same message to the same people online, is critical to leveraging maximum value from your broadcast campaigns.

Analytics Focussed.

Data driven

We plan and buy airtime informed by data and insights from our other media channels, client leads and sales data so you reach the right people. Industry-based audience research reinforces our own insights and our data analyst team then measures the success of your campaigns through web traffic, leads, sales and impact on other media channels. We make sure that we harvest the leads prompted by your TV and Radio campaigns and social media brings longevity and reaffirms the messaging.

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We are your People.

Knowledge & clarity

Our experienced team has the specialist knowledge and vital relationships needed to ensure value when planning and buying broadcast media. They ensure your campaigns are part of a bigger picture, supported by other relevant channels so as to capture the leads that were first touched by tv and radio. They have the specialist knowledge needed to ensure cost-efficiency and clarity and will interpret the language used so that you always understand the working parts of your broadcast campaign.

Don't take our word for it

‘For 10+ years, we have benefited from meticulous TV planning and highly competitive TV buying, ensuring we are on the right channel, at the right time to the right audience. More so, the team do not treat TV in isolation, instead ensuring that all our other media buying works in harmony. Great results and a great team!
Guy Flower at Kumon Educational
Watch our video of the New Years Southern Comfort OOH campaign targeting the UK’s major conurbations.


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