Intelligently Planned.

Driving awareness for your brand

Cinema audiences are ready for storytelling. 77% of adults in the UK are cinemagoers and its advantage lies in that the audience is totally focused on the screen. We use various audience targeting methods including genres, categories and locations to find out which audience is right for your campaign.


Digitally Integrated.

Data-Backed performance

 Cinema advertising can be supported digitally across social and other video outlets to extend the value of your campaign and reaffirm your messaging.

We integrate audience targeting across multi channels because analysing and understanding cinema audiences and applying the same message to the same people online is critical to leveraging as much value from your campaigns.

Analytics Focussed.

Measuring for success

Our decisions on cinema planning and buying are informed by data and insights from our other media channels, client leads, and sales data.

Our data analyst team measures the success of your campaigns through web traffic, leads, sales and impact on other media channels.

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We are your People.

Engaging your audience

We know that cinema audiences are fully engaged and receptive, so we plan its use within a broader schedule. Using creative that capitalises on the immersive quality of the big screen, your campaign is supported by the other relevant channels to capture the leads first engaged by cinema.

Don't take our word for it

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Watch our video of the New Years Southern Comfort OOH campaign targeting the UK’s major conurbations.


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