Google’s My Ad Centre – coming later this year

Did you know Google is introducing a new Ad Centre towards the end of the year? The new platform will allow users to control which Brand’s they love the most and the amount of personalisation they are comfortable with for their ad customisation.

Users can customise ad content on Google search, YouTube and in Google Discover feeds. However, there will be no capability within Display activity with non-Google sites.

What does this mean for users and marketers?

Users: Privacy setting have long been tucked away into complicated setting controls. My Ad Centre which provides greater control and visibility should certainly incentivise users to adopt this new feature. In return, this will help feed google ad serving properties in driving a better user experience.

Marketers: The impact for marketers will likely be positive. With the audience becoming more tailored, it will help them define their clients’ stories through a more classified targeted audience and reach a narrow audience quicker.

Users will have the ability to indicate whether they want ‘more or fewer ads like this’.

The potential impact would likely see audience sizes reduce and in return drive up the price of the auctions within an already competitive marketplace. In return with better customisation, conversion rates will be seen to compensate for this.

P.S Interested in seeing your current ad personalisation. Use this link