Meta Partnership Announcement…

Stop the press! The Media People has been approved as a Meta Partner – only the greatest ranking that an agency can get. 

What does this mean for our agency? The Meta partnership is a huge pat on the back for the team and the work we do here. This title has been given not purely based on the size of our client base, but also on the quality of our work. Our adoption of the latest best practices has been lightning-quick, while the way we work has never been better.  

The Meta Partnership is a lot more than an impressive new title. Here is a quick rundown of what it means for our clients:

  • Increased support – access to a larger team at Meta to get you better answers quicker & new marketing tools to conduct market analyses. This means that if you ever get stuck, a helping hand will never be too far away. 
  • We can organise an Agency Summit – an opportunity for both our clients and the wider team within the agency to meet our extended Meta Partner team.   
  • Access to 1:1 creative consultations with a dedicated Meta team. Our clients can directly ask for advice, feedback and support in developing in developing the best creatives for their business goals.   
  • Our clients and team can have a direct impact in the development of Meta new products and tools!  
  • Unique & specialised training with Meta’s marketing science team on data sources & attribution to continue improving our campaigns. 
  • Access to more Meta qualifications to deepen the knowledge within our teams. 

What does the future hold?

Looking into our crystal ball, there are loads of reasons to be excited about our future with Meta. After years of putting our heads together for your campaigns, our close partnership has resulted in more internal resources than ever. Meta has also worked towards automating as much of the Partner Manager’s work as possible, which helps us to help you. 

The growth of our agency doesn’t end there. As well as having Google and Meta Partnerships under our belt, we also have a Microsoft Partnership as of June 2021! 

We are confident in what we do, and the results we can give you, but our new partnerships promise to take our work to the next level. For more information about our partnerships, speak to your account director or get in touch today