Shared Ownership Week gets people moving on the property ladder

The brief

To raise the profile of shared ownership as a way to climb the property ladder by bringing the property industry’s top organisations together for the greatest possible impact.

  • Underground
  • Podcast
  • London Home Show
  • Instagram
  • Evening Standard Supplement

The Solution.

Bringing together the combined force of the property industry

With input from specialist partner agencies, including creative, PR & web development, we created an integrated marketing campaign across all platforms, including OOH, press, radio, TV, social media, and the London Home Show, as well as an optimised website with links to each partner’s developments. Independently written editorial in key London publications helped endorse the campaign and its partner organisations.

The Results.

Pooled resources = reduced costs

A very successful week with quality leads generated for partners and detailed insights into each lead at a cost of only £7.50 per lead.


quality leads generated for partners


attendees at the London Home Show


new visitors to the website


video views