L&Q successfully reaches first-time buyers through tactical multi-layered campaign and shared ownership programme.

The brief

To promote L&Q’s vast development portfolio of over 1,000 new build homes across London & the South East through the shared ownership programme, and help L&Q stand out in a crowded marketplace. With a huge number of applications coming in for this desirable route to homeownership, L&Q also badly needed to clean up their leads.


The Solution.

granular targeting for sweet result

We created a multi-layered campaign, that gave clear messages to help the audience understand the process and find out if they were eligible before they signed up.

The starting point was to fine-tune the audience data that L&Q already had. We wanted to target at a very granular level so we could build an accurate picture. L&Q was also challenged to use new media channels in order to reach a more extensive audience. L&Q’s online presence was increased, and a more ‘guerilla marketing’ approach used by engaging influential bloggers and vloggers in key development areas such as Greenwich in South East London. This helped core messages to be delivered without resorting to blunt sales speak. The campaigns were tracked and monitored to assist the targeted approach.

In a first for L&Q, targeted TV and cinema ads were also successfully used within the campaign, as these formats allow the time to educate audiences. These formats were used alongside their existing press and digital activity ensuring the target audience saw their message, across different platforms, at different times of the day.

The Results.

Cost efficiency with no loss of impact

The campaign continued to generate the high levels of leads L&Q had been enjoying but by building a more accurate picture of the target audience it meant those leads were now much more likely to be eligible for Shared Ownership. The process became more time and cost efficient for L&Q.


of applicants eligible for shared ownership


“We did our first Sky Adsmart ad and our first cinema ad, which was really successful; it was surprising how achievable it could be. The Media People really showed that to us – that there was the potential to do that.”