5 reasons why you should be using Programmatic Advertising 

You may already know about display advertising, but programmatic display is a bit of a blind spot for digital marketers. Not for much longer. With the promise of better performance and relevant targeting, now might be the perfect time to delve into the exciting world of programmatic. 

But first, what exactly is programmatic advertising?  

Programmatic is the automated buying and selling of online adverts that appear to potential customers on the web. This may just sound like plain old display advertising, but programmatic earns its keep by targeting potential customers using demographics like age, salary and interests, while collecting additional data from third-parties.  

Eager to learn more? Find out how programmatic advertising can bolster your campaigns below.  

  1.  Reliable performance 

Time to put your data where your mouth is. Programmatic advertising offers results by basing its targeting on real time data. Programmatic adverts are well-informed about the nature of your target audience, presenting them with brands that they have a proven interest in. The result? Results. 

  1.  Widescale reach 

As well as generating leads, programmatic display can be used to reach a scale of audience that other digital platforms couldn’t dream of. We can stay one step ahead of your customer by buying “longer” formats like audio & native to educate your audience, and make them more likely to convert. 

  1.  Less wastage 

Programmatic advertising ensures you get the very best out of your budget, whatever the size. With insightful data close to hand, you can minimise ad wastage on viewers who have no proven interest in your brand. Instead, you can target the right audience, at the right time.  

  1.  More personalised and relevant 

Put your adverts in front of an interested audience. As well as ensuring less wastage, we offer dynamic creative solutions which means the ads change depending on the audience and product. If a consumer has a history of buying ballpoint pens, an advert for stationary might just catch their eye. 

  1.  It’s the future 

Don’t get left behind by the competition. Programmatic has already started to change the way advertising is done online, with many brands getting a piece of the programmatic pie. For these reasons, it’s more important than ever that your brand is competing in the programmatic sphere – get on the bandwagon before it’s too late.  

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